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Textiles made in Germany Technical pile fabrics from Messrs. Stammbacher Veloursweberei Steinlein … We weave special plush fabrics and three-dimensional fabrics for the most different requirements in technical applications on up-to-date double-gripper weaving machines. In particular, we manufacture special plush fabrics for the following applications: Handling Roll coverings for carrier and spreader rollers Varnishing Plush fabrics for paint and varnishing rollers Protection Insulating and protecting fabrics Cleaning and Polishing Plush fabrics for cleaning purposes for high mechanical stresses, brushing and polishing plush fabrics and Medicine and Hygiene In close co-operation with our customers, we develop and manufacture pile fabrics from natural and chemical fibres. Our special plush fabrics solve problems in the most different fields of industry and household, e.g. even in the field of the technologies environment and cleaning.