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Welcome to STVW We, Messrs. Stammbacher Veloursweberei, briefly called STVW GmbH, weave plush and velour fabrics for the most different fields of application. In 1976, the company was founded by Helmut and his wife Jutta Steinlein in a part of the village Stammbach with the world-famous name Gundlitz. The history of the municipality of Stammbach was and is still affected by the textile industry, in particular by the plush weaving trade. On up-to-date textile machines, plush and velvet fabrics for the furniture industry were manufactured in job order production, but also an own collection of these fabrics was produced. Quite very early, they realised that the manufacture of modern fabrics was very fashion-dependent in spite of all creativity and experience, and they did not want to be reliant on periods throughout which exclusively plush and velvet fabrics were manufactured. Already in 1980, the company began to set up and expand the weaving mill so as to weave three-dimensional products which are used in the most different fields of application ranging from flame-retardant plush for protecting fabrics to roll coverings used in the machine building industry. This field of application of technical plush and velvet fabrics has been expanded more and more in the course of the last 25 years and has been extended continuously by new developments and by the expansion of new fields of application. In short, we have become a specialist for technical pile fabrics since that time. In close co-operation with our customers from industry and trade, we develop and manufacture three-dimensional fabrics from the most different natural and chemical fibres.   Tradition is not the whole of it … Many companies advertise with tradition - we do it with satisfied customers and our products.