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Cleaning and Polishing Plush fabrics for cleaning of floors   cleaning of windows   cleaning machines   cleaning of surfaces   body cleansing and body care   cleaning of automobiles   polishing textiles   dirt mats When we developed in 1990 the product GLORIA, made from special fine fibres in the pile, we would never have dreamed that this would change the philosophy of cleaning so strongly. Based on this, many new products have been developed in the meantime. All these products aim at optimising cleaning tasks and improving the benefit for our customers. Our demand to develop innovative cleaning textiles of high quality derives from this philosophy. We achieve this aim with many years of experience, creativity, special machinery, and the knowledge of our employees. The cleaning-efficient surface is increased by the plushy textile structure. In connection with a special fibre blend in the pile, water and dirt absorption, dirt dissolution, i.e. the so-called cleaning effect, can be optimised and laid out perfectly for the various fields of application. Pile material, article category "cleaning" Polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, antibacterial fibres, bristle materials, acrylic, viscose, modal, cotton, bamboo yarns, linen, PVA, microfilaments of various fibre thicknesses, filament or spun yarns, ripples, lengths, and colour designs according to customer requirement. Pile heights from 3 mm to 47 mm. Product weights from 150 g/m² to 1 500 g/m²