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Hygiene and Medicine For many years, knitted plush fabrics and low-priced knitted fur fabrics made from polyester hollow fibres have dominated in these fields of application. The especially high dimensional stability of woven plush fabrics and the very good resistances and/or good characteristics regarding the disinfection by chemicals or steam open up new fields of application. Non-fuzzing soft filament yarns preventing the growth of bacteria, mildew, and fungi in blends with novel micro-biocide-acting fibres are primarily used as pile materials. The pile layer forms a heat- and pressure-compensating cushion opening up many new fields of application in connection with a very high absorption of liquids, e.g. as special pads against getting bedsore (decubitus ulcer). On principle, plush fabrics for the medical field are washable up to 95° and available with and without coating. For especially high-grade applications, furs can also be produced with a specific polyurethane coating. Their adhesive strength, anti-skid characteristics, and hot wash resistances are excellent. Pile material, article category "medipiles" Polyester with a high water absorption, soft fibres, hollow fibres, antibacterial fibres, viscose, modal, cotton, linen, microfilaments of various fibre thicknesses and blends. Pile heights from 3 mm to 20 mm. Product weights from 250 g/m² to 800 g/m² For the future, we consider this field of application as great potential for the use of high-quality pile fabrics.