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Handling Already in the beginnings of our weaving mill, we manufactured plush and velvet fabrics from wool or mohair which are used for covering rolls. Additional developments with the most different fibres and pile heights followed which were suitable for handling sensitive materials, e.g. textiles, paper, foods, etc. Since that time, a very wide range of products has developed from these early beginnings. Plush fabrics with a pile height of 3 - 20 mm made from the most different materials, e.g. wool mohair polyacrylics, modacrylics PTFE (= polytetrafluoroethylene) PVC (= polyvinyl chloride) polyester polyamide flame-retardant viscose Para-Aramid fibres Meta-Aramid fibres In this connection, we co-operate very closely with our customers from the machine building industry, from the chemical industry, and from the printing industry, as highest demands in respect of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and dimensional accuracy must be met in these fields of application. We focussed our production on the manufacture of special fabrics and various niche products - in short, we produce custom-made technical plush fabrics.