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Protection, Insulation, Filtration We attach special importance to the protection of our environment and our health. For these fields of application, we manufacture technical plush fabrics which are used in protective clothing for insulating purposes against heat and cold. Here, three-dimensional pile fabrics feature especially good values in respect of diathermancy. Threshold values are well above those of flat fabrics. Of course, our heat protection plush fabrics made from Aramid fibres or flame- retardant viscose blends meet the requirements of surface flame impingement according to EN 532/533 index 3. Owing to the specific fibre structure and the orientation of the pile fibres in connection with a defined porous back of the fabric, completely new fields of application are opened up in respect of the protection of the environment. As new analyses in the field of filtration present, plush fabrics may achieve optimal results for various filtering tasks. Owing to their very high fibre surface, their high permeability while simultaneously retaining particles to a high degree, and excellent re-drying properties, plush fabrics are suitable in particular for the wet filtration process. Pile material, article category "protecting fabrics" Modacrylic, protex, flame-retardant viscose, Meta-Aramid fibres, Para-Aramid fibres of various blends. Pile heights from 3 mm to 10 mm. Product weights from 150 g/m² to 500 g/m²