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Colours and Varnishing   Plush Fabrics for Paint Rollers and Painting Pads Within the scope of developing and designing plush fabrics for the colour industry, we place constant emphasis on new materials and textile filaments which we process in various pile densities, fibre heights, fibre densities, fibre surfaces, fibre cross-sections, fibre blends, and finishings. This field of application is a special challenge for us as company weaving plush fabrics, because we are in the early stages of new developments owing to the use of new environmentally sound lacquers and colours. We, Messrs. STVW GmbH, placed special emphasis on novel filament yarns and blends in the pile convincing by non-fuzzing designs and according to a specific modular system. It applies to these fields of application as well: We weave high-quality technical plush fabrics from natural and chemical fibres according to customer specification in connection with up-to-date and ecological production processes. The required characteristics are the result solely of a symbiosis of weaving design, pile material, pile weight, pile height, and pile density. The great variety of colour and varnishing systems necessitates also many optimised plush fabrics. The cut-resistant back of the fabric, which has been developed especially for the thermal fusion process, guarantees excellent adhesive strengths with a high solvent resistance. Pile material, article category "paint rollers" Polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, modacrylic, wool, and mohair of various fibre thicknesses, ripples, lengths, and colour designs according to customer requirement. Pile heights from 4 mm to 25 mm. Product weights from 300 g/m² to 1 200 g/m²